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How To Send A TTM Autograph Request

TTM (Through the mail) autographs are a great way to get autographs from you favorite Atheletes or Celebrity’s, I know this is not what I usually post, but today I am going to be telling you how to send a TTM request. 

What Is A TTM Autograph? 

A ttm autograph is when you send something to an athlete and they send it back signed.

What you need

  • 2 Envelopes
  • A piece of paper
  • Something to get signed (a card, a ball, etc.)
  • Mailing stamps

1 Find an athlete

Retired players sign the most. Stay away from hall of famers and star players, they don’t sign as often. 

 2 write a letter to the athlete

Don’t make it too long but be sure to say what you like about them and finish it off with asking for them to sign your item.  Be polite! 

3 Package your Item 

Be sure to package your item very well so it doesn’t get bent in the mail

4 get your address 

I get all my addresses from and

5 Setting Up the Envelopes!

This part might be a little bit more confusing. You are going to need two Envelopes. One for shipping their and one for them to ship back to you. Remember to put stamps on both envelopes!! Here is how to setup the adress you are shipping to:



Street Address

City, STATE Zip

Your second envelope will be a self addressed stamped envelope so the player can send the item that he/she autographed back to you. Don’t forget to stamp it and put it in the envelope along with the item that up you want signed.

Go to your local post office and ship it!

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