Can MSU Live Up To Preseason Expectations?

After watching Michigan State football struggle to win this season, it’s nice to see MSU basketball win.

With no. 1 MSU’s season starting off with a loss to no. 2 Kentucky, we (MSU) didn’t play the best game our players are capable of. With foul after foul, it was frustrating to watch. Then Kentucky went on to lose to an unranked, bad team, Evansville. It showed maybe MSU cant play to the preseason hype they had received. But we came back and won against Binghamton, and no. 12 Seton Hall where Malik Hall proved he has a bright future with the Spartans.

Besides the loss to Kentucky, Michigan State has a few concerns to fans. starting with Joshua Langfords health issues, which had started early last season. To add onto that, Rocket Watts has displayed shooting problems throughout the four game this season, but as a freshman, that isn’t too big of a deal. Even with our loss and concerns, we still are a championship caliber team.

I think this is one of the best teams Izzo has had. With talent at all positions and a pretty good bench, I believe MSU will win this years championship. And yes, I am a Spartan fan, so I may be a little biased…

Let me know in the comments where you think Michigan State will finish this season.

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