An Impressive Game For Justin Fields Bears Leads Chi to a Preseason Win

Justin Fields, a QB out of OSU, was drafted earlier this year by The Chicago Bears. The bears are looking for a quarterback to lead them through this new era of Chicago Football. This weekends preseason game against the Dolphins was his first NFL test.

The start of the game was rocky. A fumble and three drives in a row without a first down. It didn’t take long for things to go the other direction.

Things weren’t looking good until the last few minutes of the first half. After that point, Justin Fields and the Bears went on to score 17 points and taking the lead. Fields had a throw to Tight End Jesse James for a 30 yard catch for 6 points that put the bears up in the third. The Bears won 20-13 as Fields was put in some tough situations where he got out smoothly. Again, this is only preseason, but its step forward to a successful Bears QB and team.

The hype around Fields is building up. With expectations getting higher for his spot in Chicago, he needs to prove that he is the future for this Franchise. QB can be a huge mental position. If he can overcome mental challenges these young QBs have, he can be great.

Fields finished with 1 Touchdown going 14-20 with 142 yards for a 106.7 Passer Rating.

Bears Play The Bills and The Titans to finish this years preseason. Bears open the regular season against Matthew Stafford and The Rams. Is Justin Fields The Missing Piece For The Bears?

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