Pistons Are Rebuilding, How Will Their Draft Picks Pan Out?

The Detroit Pistons finished last years season with the second worst NBA record only behind the Houston Rockets. Pistons won the Draft Lottery and used their #1 pick on Oklahoma State Guard, Cade Cunningham. Cade Cunningaham was the projected #1 overall pick in almost every mock draft. Hes brought a lot of hype around him to the city of Detroit and is creating a great player-fan relationship with the fans of Detroit. As us Pistons fans hate to think about our franchises bad Drafting in the past, we wonder if this year is different, here is my take.

The Motor City is in a big rebuilding stage. The Pistons have been struggling but have a very young team with a great outlook for the future. The Pistons Drafted Cade Cunningham, Isiah Livers at pick #42, Luke Garza at Pick #52 and Balsa Koprivica at pick #57.

For me, I think Cade Cunningham will be a great player and leader on the court. Hes already showing great leadership and toughness on the court in our 2 debut summer league games. I believe Cade Cunnningham is and will continue to be the missing piece the pistons needed.

At Pick 42 in the second round, the pistons drafted Michigan Guard, Isiah Livers. Livers is coming out of University of Michigan, so has already been a fan favorite in the state of Michigan. Livers is a great shooter and has showed that he can be a deep threat behind the Three Point line. I think Isiah Livers can be a great role player in the City of Detroit. Overall I think this was a very underrated pick in this years draft that other teams with they had taken.

At Pick 52 in the second round, Detroit took Iowa big man, Luke Garza. Luke Garza proved to be an incredible player in college but the biggest question for basketball fans is if it will continue in the NBA. Many sports analyst don’t believe he will. And I somewhat agree. He lacks speed but can be a great shooter and a smart player on the court. With Garza i think a big part of his playing will be who is on the court with him. With good players around him and good coaching he could be a very good player. Or he could be a 2nd round bust. For me, Luke Garza is hit or miss, we will see.

At Pick 57 the Pistons drafted another big 7’1 Guy out of Florida State, Balsa Koprivica. Before the Pistons drafted him i had little knowledge on him. After doing some research I found out he is a big center not too different from Luke Garza. Not crazy athleticism but can be a great rebound center for us. I also found out he was a high school teamamtes with Cade Cunningham.

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