Vikings Win In OT With Historic Comeback

Matt Ryan, again, will have to deal with the pain that comes with blowing a big lead, first a 28-3 lead, now, on Saturday afternoon, a 33-0 lead blown and somehow the Vikings pull off another close one.

The Vikings as a whole had too many mistakes and went down 10-0 early with a blocked kick recovered for a touchdown for the Colts. The Vikings came in the half down 33-0 with less than a 3% chance to win. Things had obviously not gone their way.

With 36 points in the 2nd half for the Vikings and only 3 for the Colts, the score was 36-36 at the end of the 4th, leading to OT. Vikings won the toss and ended up punting, but as they have a lot this season, their defense came in clutch, stopping the Colts, leading to a 40-yard Greg Joseph field goal to secure a Vikings win to clinch the division

Kirk Cousins had an action-packed game finishing with 460 yards along with 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. K.J Osborn was Cousins’ favorite target today with 157 yards along with 1 touchdown.

Saturdays 33 point comeback is the largest comeback in NFL History. The Vikings face the Giants at home next week, and the Colts host the Chargers for Monday night football.

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