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Ohio State Takes Win In Exciting Ending

Ranked 10th in the nation, Ohio State, came in this week trying to keep there playoff hopes alive coming off a win against Michigan State and even with one loss, they’ve had there defensive and offensive struggle throughout the year. Maryland was looking like an easy match-up  for OSU and although they did come through with the win, Maryland was still a tough fight.Image result for ohio state football

Touchdown after touchdown after touchdown. That is mostly how the game went… But lets skip to the end of the 4th quarter.

1:41 Sec Left: Maryland recover fumble in end-zone for a touchdown-Score 45-38 Maryland

0:40 Sec Left: OSU drives to the end zone and finishes with a 3 yd pass to tie the game- Score 45-45

0:00 Its Overtime!

Overtime. The Buckeyes playoff hopes are on the line and the Buckeyes came ready. They finish the drive with a 5 yd run for the touchdown to make the score 52-45. But wait! There is more! Maryland goes for a 24 yard run to the OSU 1 to start off the drive and finishes it with a 1 yard run to make the score 52-51 with the Buckeyes winning.

The Final Play.

The Terrapins decide to go for two and unfortunately, the play did not go right for Maryland. OSU stop the Terrapins from taking the lead and ends the game.

Score: OSU 52  Maryland 51

Bears Sign Kahlil Mack, Fill DE Needs

No Doubt About It, The Bears Gave Up A Lot, But They Won This Trade1200px-Khalil_Mack

Mack is officially the highest paid defensive player in the NFL after signing a six year, 141 million dollar deal  including $90 million guaranteed and $60 million at signing. All That Plus a first-rounders in 2019 and 2020, a third-round selection in 2020 and a sixth-round pick in 2019 all for Khalil Mack.

Crazy Enough, I think The Bears Won This Trade. Kahlil, 27, Is considered in his prime and  was dominant with his former team, making him one of the top Defensive  players in the league. Considering Chicago was 10th in yards allowed, I figured they needed some help, and that’s where Mack’s role comes in. A Defensive End out of Oakland ready show his talents to Chicago… And the rest of the league.

Week 1 will have lots of debuts to show how players will perform this season and beyond. Comment below your thoughts on this trade and weather you think the Bears or the Raiders won. Thanks For Reading!


Jow Flaccos Drop From Success

Joe Flacco was a Super Bowl MVP in 2013 and it’s halfway through the  2017-18 season now and he isn’t playing like how he used to…

Joe Flacco ranks pretty badly in the majority of his QB statistics, according to, he is 28th in passing yards (1,189), 28th in interceptions (8), 32nd in yards per attempts (5.3) and some other pretty bad stats that I don’t even want to mention… that’s how bad they are.

Flacco is reminding me of Eli Manning at the moment as they are both good QBs who are having the worst years of their careers, but for Eli this may be getting closer to the end of his career, but for Flacco I think he has a good amount of years left in him, besides those terrible stats, I think he can bounce back next year from his tough year he is having now,.I have confidence in you, Flacco!

Joe Flacco isn’t too old at the age of 32 but is playing like he’s 42 at the moment leading his team to a 3-4 start, which isn’t too bad, but I know he can definitely do better than that. The Ravens play tonight against the Dolphins at  8:25 on CBS.

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Kansas City Takes Second Straight Loss With Raiders Game Winning Touchdown

The Kansas City Chiefs started off the 2017 season with a 5-0 record, since then they’ve lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers and lost their second game last night to the Raiders.

Both Derek Carr and Alex Smith had great games after they both threw 3 touchdowns each and 0 interceptions. Wider Reciever, Amari Cooper was unstoppable last night and that was a big game changer as he caught 11 passes for 210 yards along with two touchdowns.

Image result for amari cooper touchdown vs chiefs

It was a close most of the game but coming into the 4th quarter, The Chiefs had a two-score lead at 30-21. Toward the beginning of the fourth, the Raiders added another field goal to make the score 24-30 with the Chief winning.

It came down to the last few seconds… The Raiders were down 30-24 but had the ball at the two-yard line. Derek Carr threw a quick two-yard pass to Michael Crabtree for a touchdown to make the score 30-30 as time expired. The Raiders kicker finished the game by making the PAT. 31-30 Raiders.

NFL Week 7 Fantasy, Who Should You Start? Quaterbacks

NFL Quarterbacks To Start

Deshaun Watson

The Rookie has been playing outstanding as he had three touchdowns in Sunday’s game against the Browns. Watson is in the race for ROY with Kareem Hunt and I would for sure start him.

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota and the Titans face the Browns, whose defense hasnt been so good, which means Mariota will have his chance to bounce back from his injury and be able to put up some numbers.

Carson Wentz

Carson has been playing like an MVP candidate and I wouldn’t be surprised if he Keeps this up. As a fantasy owner, I would be happy to start him.


Image result for carson wentz

Can The Packer Still Win The NFC North Without Rodgers?

  The Packers announced Aaron Rodgers could possibly be out the rest of the season

In Sunday’s game against the Vikings, Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken right collarbone.

Image result for aaron rodgers injury

Rodgers was replaced by Brett Hundley, who couldn’t finish the game, as the Packers lost 23-10.

The Packers are one of the best teams in the NFL and coming to week 6 the packers were in my top 5 in NFL  power rankings.  The Packers will have to rely more on running and hand the ball more to running back, Ty Montgomery who hasn’t also dealt with injuries throughout this season.  Aaron Rodgers has been pretty durable throughout his career, with Only one major injury in 2013 when he also had a collarbone injury.


Can The Packer Still Win The NFC North Without Rodgers?

Yes… but with the NFC North being kind of a tough division, they may want to consider signing another quarterback, as they have much of a less chance of winning the division without their star QB.

The Packers could sign Colin Kaepernick to fill their QB needs for the rest of the season but they may not due to the anthem protest. Comment Below about what you think the Packers should do!

Stefon Diggs, Sam Bradford Will Be Out This Sunday Against The Packers

The Vikings will be playing without Teddy Bridgewater’s replacement, Sam Bradford and will also be without number one WR, Stefon Diggs.

Vikings quarterback, Bradford returned last week after missing three weeks but his luck ran out after he suffered a knee injury late in the game. Case Keenum who hasn’t been too bad of a third-string quarterback finished the game for Bradford last week going 17 for 21 and 140 yards. (ESPN)

Image result for stefon diggs

First String Wide Reciever, Stefon Diggs will also be out with an injured groin, which he had dealt with a little bit of last season. Stefon Diggs had low participation this week at practice for the Vikings, and it was announced he won’t be participating in this weekends game against the Packers.

Missing those two players is definitely a negative as they will be facing the one loss Packers who have been hot recently. Do you think the Vikings can handle missing two players or will they take a loss? Comment Below!

5 NFL Players Whos careers Could Be Coming To An End

1 Ben Rothlisburger

Ben Roethlisberger has been looking not to good after throwing 5 interceptions and zero touchdowns in his last game against the Jaguars. Ben Roethlisberger is 35 and his career could be coming to an end.

2 Adrian Peterson

Arian Peterson Isn’t too old at the age of 32 but his play hasn’t been looking to fresh…

3 Eli Manning

Eli Manning has lead his team to an 0-5 season at the age of 35 but still may have a few years left, if he keeps playing the way he has been, he should consider retiring.

4 Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer was considering retiring this offseason but decided to keep playing and hasn’t done too bad, but after this year I believe he will retire or play one more year.

5 Tom Brady

Tom Brady is, but getting pretty old (for the NFL) but still, has a little bit left. It seems like he is using every last drop of gas in him.

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