Bulldogs Take Loss, Shake Up Playoff Race

After what looked like to be a playoff team this year, The Georgia Bulldogs failed to win against South Carolina falling to number 10 in this weeks AP rankings. The Gamecocks 2-3 record wasn’t looking to scary before the game…But by overtime, it looked tough.

A game that ended in a 20-17 loss in double overtime for Georgia. No, not against Florida or Notre Dame. But against the 2-3 Gamecocks.

The Gamecocks year has been tough but although the Bulldogs scary record, they also have struggled. Their games against good (and not good) teams have not all been the best.

But Georgia is not completely out of the playoffs. I know it sounds crazy but one loss teams have made it in the past. If they can prove they are a good team by beating Florida, Auburn and winning the SEC, their case wouldn’t be all that bad. But, after saying that, I dont’ think it will happen, i’m just putting out some possibilities.

The Georgia Bulldogs fall to 5-1 while the Gamecocks improve to 3-3 .

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