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Red Wings Win In Little Ceasers Arena Debut

The Red Wings announced a couple years ago that the will not be playing in Joe Louis anymore, and will be building a new arena for them to play in. I will definitely miss Joe Louis Arena after going to plenty of games their throughout my childhood. They decided to name the new arena “Little Ceasers Arena.” Last Night the Red Wings played their debut regular season game at Little Ceasars arena against the Minnesota Wild in downtown Detroit

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The Red Wings started off with a 2-0 lead with goals from 2 young players,  Anthony Mantha and Dylan Larkin but lost the lead after the Wild came back to tie it 2-2.  The Veteran, Henrik Zetterberg scored a goal to take a 3-2 lead in the 3rd period.   Martin Frk finished the game with another goal. The Red Wings Won 4-2.

The Ducks Have To Step Up If They Want To Win

Game 4 of the Duck-Predators series is tonight and The Ducks are looking to tie up the series tonight. The Predators have another home game and have played amazing at home after having 10 straight home playoff wins.



A few Players for the Ducks are definitely  going to have to step up and make some plays for this to happen, but I have the Ducks winning tonight game, and surprisingly the whole series! Ive always been a little bit of a Ducks fan behind the Red Wings anyway, so I wouldn’t be upset if they won.

How To Start A Sports Blog….For FREE!

 How To Start A Sports Blog FOR FREE!

Everybody loves free but sometimes its not to easy too find it especially when it comes to Blogs and website. So today I am going to show you how to make a sports blog completely FREE!

1 Find A Sports Topic
It could be all sports (like I do) or just one team, so whatever it is, think about what you’re going to do and commit to it.

Sports blog topic ideas:

  • A sports team
  • One specific sport
  • One city
  • All sports

      2. Choose A Host 
For a completely free host go to and make an account by selecting Get Started.

You have to select a few options for your blog

       3. Picking A Theme
Once you get to this point, its time to pick a theme. Picking a theme can be difficult, but remember, you can always change your theme and select from more! For this website, im gonna be starting off with the theme Franklin, a theme i’ve never I used before.

       4. Picking a Plan
Like I said, this is completely free, so pick the free plan. If you want to upgrade later, you can.

       6.Making a Site Address
Make a unique site address that has to do with sports. Make it creative!

Select the Free site

      7. Start Writing!
It’s time to start writing!

Here’s An Overview on how to start a sports blog :

  • Find your topic 
  • Go to
  • Select a theme
  • Pick the free plan
  • Make your site address for your blog
  • Start Writing

The Future Stanley Cup Contenders, The Toronto Maple Leafs

Although making the playoffs this year and losing in the first round doesn’t sound like a Team trying to prove themselves, The Toronto Maple Leafs have proved that they are a team that will be able to make the Stanley Cup Finals in the next couple years. All this young team needs, is an upgraded defense and they can be a legit team in the playoffs.


Should Athletes Be Paid As Much As They Are?


    Professional athletes are paid millions per year entertaining people and doing what they love. Do they really deserve it? In my opinion, they definitely don’t deserve that much money, especially while they are doing what they love and other people struggle to make money doing things they would rather not do. Sports are not needed in life and we would easily be able to live without them.

Being a teacher, police officer, and firefighter are all examples of  jobs that make a big difference in today’s society and are not getting paid anywhere near as much as pro athletes. Everyday Firefighters risk their lives helping people and many of them only make about 44,00 a year, while pro players average 2.86 million  entertaining people.

    Attending sports events is expensive and prices are going up every year due to athletes being paid more. That problem is leading to not as many people being able to enjoy games live as often and many families who make a big difference to our society (firefighters, police officers) cannot afford to go to games.