Should Athletes Be Paid As Much As They Are?


    Professional athletes are paid millions per year entertaining people and doing what they love. Do they really deserve it? In my opinion, they definitely don’t deserve that much money, especially while they are doing what they love and other people struggle to make money doing things they would rather not do. Sports are not needed in life and we would easily be able to live without them.

Being a teacher, police officer, and firefighter are all examples of  jobs that make a big difference in today’s society and are not getting paid anywhere near as much as pro athletes. Everyday Firefighters risk their lives helping people and many of them only make about 44,00 a year, while pro players average 2.86 million  entertaining people.

    Attending sports events is expensive and prices are going up every year due to athletes being paid more. That problem is leading to not as many people being able to enjoy games live as often and many families who make a big difference to our society (firefighters, police officers) cannot afford to go to games.

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