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Dusty Baker Won’t Be Back In Washington

The Nationals announced on Friday that Dusty Baker will not be back as a manager in Washington.

The Nationals let Baker go after he lead them to the playoffs in his two years at manager but failed to win a series back to back years.

He finished with a .593 winning percentage going 192-132. His winning percentage was the best by a Washington Manager in Nationals history.

The team wrote in a letter saying  “He is one of the true gentlemen in our sport, and we thank him for the successes that we enjoyed together over the last two years. We wish him nothing but the best going forward.”

Bakers contract was ending at the end of the season along with some of the other coaches on the Nationals roster.

Astros Win The Division For The First Time Since 2001

For the first time since 2001, the Astros are division champs. The Astros clinched the division when they beat the mariners on Sunday. The Astros have only gone to the playoffs three times since 2001 and were wild cards each time, but now they are division champs, they wont have to play as a wild card team… Nobody wants to be a wild card team.

The Astros are one of eight teams to not have a world series win and this year they will be going at it with a new player, Justin Verlander. Can Justin bring a title to Houston?


How To Start A Sports Blog….For FREE!

 How To Start A Sports Blog FOR FREE!

Everybody loves free but sometimes its not to easy too find it especially when it comes to Blogs and website. So today I am going to show you how to make a sports blog completely FREE!

1 Find A Sports Topic
It could be all sports (like I do) or just one team, so whatever it is, think about what you’re going to do and commit to it.

Sports blog topic ideas:

  • A sports team
  • One specific sport
  • One city
  • All sports

      2. Choose A Host 
For a completely free host go to and make an account by selecting Get Started.

You have to select a few options for your blog

       3. Picking A Theme
Once you get to this point, its time to pick a theme. Picking a theme can be difficult, but remember, you can always change your theme and select from more! For this website, im gonna be starting off with the theme Franklin, a theme i’ve never I used before.

       4. Picking a Plan
Like I said, this is completely free, so pick the free plan. If you want to upgrade later, you can.

       6.Making a Site Address
Make a unique site address that has to do with sports. Make it creative!

Select the Free site

      7. Start Writing!
It’s time to start writing!

Here’s An Overview on how to start a sports blog :

  • Find your topic 
  • Go to
  • Select a theme
  • Pick the free plan
  • Make your site address for your blog
  • Start Writing

Is K-Rod Done With The Tigers?

After having multiple situations where  Rodriguez has failed to finish the game for the Tigers, he might be done with them.  Rodriguez has allowed runs in eight of his 13 appearances and has a 8.49 era…. But why?   He’s done it for the last 10 years, is he just getting old? I think the Tigers have the talent to make the playoffs but with one player not putting in the effort, I think its time for him to go.

Rodriguez said in an interview: “I have to find a way to put it behind me. Like I said, I’m more embarrassed than anything else. This is not what the city of Detroit expects from me.” Hes right, as a tigers fan, I definitely expect more from him, its not that I dont like him, I just think he could do a little better. Let me know what you think in the comments about K-Rod.

From College Football To The MLB-Tim Tebows Journey

Tim Tebow went from the Heisman Trophy winner to spring training with the Mets, in a crazy journey. His fame started off with him playing for the Florida Gators when he won two championships and winning the Heisman Trophy. The next chapter he was with the Denver Broncos in the NFL as the starting QB, leading them to the playoffs. When Peyton Manning came to the Broncos, Tim was traded to the Jets, where he struggled, and his career was coming to an end.

After Tebows short NFL , he decided to go into sports broadcasting. After a few years of broadcasting, Tim decided to go into minor league baseball, where people did not take him very seriously. Tebow kept working on baseball and got to the point where he got signed to a deal with the Mets. So, where will his career go next?

The World Series Is Set!

After the Cubs beat the Dodger 4-2 in the NLCS the World Series is officially set. The Cubs will be facing the Indians in the world series and both teams have a long drought  without winning a World Series, so this series will mean a lot to them. Both teams have played great this season and it will be on great matchup. Who do you think will win the World Series?

My Prediction: Indians (4-2)

Should Athletes Be Paid As Much As They Are?


    Professional athletes are paid millions per year entertaining people and doing what they love. Do they really deserve it? In my opinion, they definitely don’t deserve that much money, especially while they are doing what they love and other people struggle to make money doing things they would rather not do. Sports are not needed in life and we would easily be able to live without them.

Being a teacher, police officer, and firefighter are all examples of  jobs that make a big difference in today’s society and are not getting paid anywhere near as much as pro athletes. Everyday Firefighters risk their lives helping people and many of them only make about 44,00 a year, while pro players average 2.86 million  entertaining people.

    Attending sports events is expensive and prices are going up every year due to athletes being paid more. That problem is leading to not as many people being able to enjoy games live as often and many families who make a big difference to our society (firefighters, police officers) cannot afford to go to games.