Chris Sale Returns; Throws 8 Strikeouts

Chris Sale started his first game in over 2 years for the Red Sox after having Tommy John surgery. It looked like he never left. Sale new coming into this game, he had to prove he still had it in him. He was far from perfect as he threw back to back homers for the first time in his careers and 6 hits along with that. Sale still looked great. In 89 pitches he threw 60 Strikes with 8 stikeouts and 0 Walks.

The Energy at Fenway had a playoff like feel. It was one of the greatest current pitches in the league coming back after 2 years. Not to mention the Red Sox have a decent record; only 4 games out from first place in the AL East.

Lots of rehab and tough times came to get this point in Chirs’ career. “Today was a special day for this organization.” stated Manager Alex Cora, who had been with Chris Sale through this whole process.

Last nights game was more than just baseball. A lot of emotions went through Sales head along with his teammates and fans.

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