The Future Stanley Cup Contenders, The Toronto Maple Leafs

Although making the playoffs this year and losing in the first round doesn’t sound like a Team trying to prove themselves, The Toronto Maple Leafs have proved that they are a team that will be able to make the Stanley Cup Finals in the next couple years. All this young team needs, is an upgraded defense and they can be a legit team in the playoffs.



  1. Great job with all of your recent posts! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts as we progress through the NBA and NHL playoffs, NFL Draft, baseball, etc.

    My prediction of the Celtics and Warriors is still possible, even though Boston lost the first two!

    Keep up the great work. I enjoy reading your blog!


  2. P.S. – as an old Red Wings fan, I consider the Leafs my mortal enemy, but I do respect them. Plus they have a great jersey; almost as good as the Wings…

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