I Can’t Forgive The Refs This Time…Detroit Lions MNF

The Lions are last in their division after losing a Monday night game that would have put them in first place with a win.

The Lions started the game off strong with a 13-0 lead over the Packers, which ended up getting spoiled by the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers ended up taking the game to a 4th quarter field goal that would win the game. But their was some controversy calls on that drive. Lions Defensive Linemen, Trey Flowers, received two flags for hand to the face but both times they were clean and legal. And that is not just my personal opinion. NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent came out saying the penalty should not have been called and was clean.

Yes I am a Lions fan; But when the NFL admits they were wrong, you cant deny it. Even as a Packers fan. The referees were way off and their is no more forgiving from me.

Lions fall to 2-2-1

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