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The Lions Didn’t Get A Running Back. Now What Should They Do?

I am actually kind of diassapointed with the Lions after they didn’t draft or sign any running backs this offseason, and I think there were a few good options including Blount, Who woul be a cheap running back who would pretty much fill our needs.

So now what do they do? They still have Riddick and Abdullah, but I dont think that’s enough. We might be having another season just like last year where we were constantly passing but when we did run it mostly failed. 

I also think Ameer Abdullah has the potentail in the future be a star running bac, but I dont think he’s at that point yet. How do you think the Lions will do this upcoming season? COmment Below and share!

NFL NFC Record Predictions

1 Green Bay 12-4

Aaron Rodgers has a great group a players to throw to and after finishing strong in the regular season last year, they hope to bring that to this upcoming season.

2 Detroit Lions 10-6

Jim Caldwell has led the Lions to a winning season in two of his three season and Matt Stafford had his best year of his career last year, I believe that will come to effect this year and they can possibly win a playoff game.

3 Minnesota Vikings 7-9

After starting 5-0 last year the Vikings looked like a championship team and i actually has hope in them (until they fell apart) but this year I dont have to much hope in them.

4 Chicago Bears 2-14

Last and my least favorite team…. The Chicago Bears! Yes I said it, as a Lions fan, I am not a big fan of Chicago, and have put them at the bottom of my list, like everybody else has done.

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-5

Yes, I am putting them a little high but I think this young team has lots of potential. Winston just needs to stop throwing those interceptions!

Atlanta Falcons 10-6

The 2016-17 champions, The Atlanta Falcons! I see the Falcons making the playoffs as a wild card but definitely not a Super Bowl Contender. I also think Matt Ryan will have a pretty good year.

Carolina Panthers 8-8

If Cam plays well, the Panthers play well and with the Panthers picking up McCaffrey, I believe they will improve from last year.

New Orleans Saints 6-10

After three consecutive losing season, I dont think the Saints will improve, even with Adrian Petterson.