Raiders Win City Championship, Top Falcons 13-9

After winning just 5 games in the past 3 season, North Farmington is 8-0 this year.

The North Farmington Raiders came into week 8 ready for their cross-town rivals, the undefeated Farmington Falcons. But their was one significant thing that made this years game different…It was the first game between the two since Harrison High School closed. Which meant that most players from Harrison had moved to either North or Farmington. Harrison, who was one of the best Football High Schools out of Michigan, had coach John Herrington, which is viewed as one of the best coaches ever to coach High School in the state of Michigan. He went to continue his legacy with the Raiders as an assistant coach.

Via Detroit News-North Farmington v Farmington-

North Farmington finished the game with 13-9 win after Farmington had multiple chances to take the lead, but failed to do so. North Farmingtons, Jon Brunette, had an outstanding game with a 58 yard rushing TD to take a 13-7 lead over Farmington with less than ten minutes left in the third.

Players and fans knew this game was going to be a hard-fought, emotional game for both players and coaches.

The game ended with a safety for Farmington. North Farmington QB, Jacob Bousamra scrambled with the ball throughout their own end zone to drain the clock. And although it did end with a safety, the Raiders came out Victorious for the city championship!

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