Jow Flaccos Drop From Success

Joe Flacco was a Super Bowl MVP in 2013 and it’s halfway through the  2017-18 season now and he isn’t playing like how he used to…

Joe Flacco ranks pretty badly in the majority of his QB statistics, according to, he is 28th in passing yards (1,189), 28th in interceptions (8), 32nd in yards per attempts (5.3) and some other pretty bad stats that I don’t even want to mention… that’s how bad they are.

Flacco is reminding me of Eli Manning at the moment as they are both good QBs who are having the worst years of their careers, but for Eli this may be getting closer to the end of his career, but for Flacco I think he has a good amount of years left in him, besides those terrible stats, I think he can bounce back next year from his tough year he is having now,.I have confidence in you, Flacco!

Joe Flacco isn’t too old at the age of 32 but is playing like he’s 42 at the moment leading his team to a 3-4 start, which isn’t too bad, but I know he can definitely do better than that. The Ravens play tonight against the Dolphins at  8:25 on CBS.

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