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Thursday Night Football Prediction

Tonight TNF matchup will be pretty exciting to see, the one loss panthers face the one loss eagles in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Image result for philadelphia eaglesWho I Want To Win


The team I want to win is the Carolina Panthers, not because I’m a Panthers fan, its because I’m a Lions fan and the panther beat us so if they can get a win tonight it will make the Lions look a lot better.


Who I Think Will Win


Carson Wentz and the Eagles have proved to me that they are a good team, with their only loss coming to the only undefeated team left, the Kansas City Chiefs.

How can they win?

If the Eagles can stop Devin Funchess from catching all those passes and can establish a good run defense, they should be fine.

My Predictions

Eagles 24-Panthers 21


Is This Adrian Petersons Last Chance In The NFL?

AP signed a 7 million dollar deal with the Saints, after being released from the Vikings. After four games with the Saints, he was traded to the Cardinals for a 2018 draft pick.  The Cardinals needed a running back badly after having some of the worst running stats in the NFL with Johnson gone.

528716382_6474d4e167_o.jpgAdrian Peterson playing on the Saints did not go well. Peterson was traded to replace injured Running Back, David Johnson, who was released after the trade. Peterson dominated the NFL and the Running Back position for almost a decade and his career is starting to look like its coming to an end after having only 27 carries for 81 yards in his first 4 games with the Saints.

Will AP Be The Right Fit?

AP was one of the few running backs the Cards knew they could get and probably the best and cheapest, but is he the right fit? In my opinion, I think so. Cason Palmer has had a pretty successful year passing and I think with a little bit of running back power, they can get a little bit farther up in the rankings. Peterson will take the starting role at running back position for the Cardinals and if he fails to play well this could be his last chance and he’ll have to say goodbye to his NFL Career.

By Michael, Writer Of

NFL Winners And Losers From week 5

Alot happened in NFL Week 5, but here are the winners and loser.


Cam Newton– Besides the comment he made, Cam Newton played like his 2015 self against the Lions. The Panther have had only one loss going into week 6 but have to face the 4-1 Eagles.


The Giants and Odell Beckham Jr– Sorry Giants Fans and OBJ Fantasy owners. Giants Fans, I know what it’s like, I’m a Lions fan,  it sucks to have an 0-5 team. And OBJ fantasy owner, I am sorry for your loss.



Nelson Agholor– Lucky for me I decided to pick up Nelson Agholor for my fantasy team this week, Nelson had an amazing game, scoring 15 fantasy points! But the questions is can he keep this up…


The Lions- It was close, but My Lions lost. Hopefully, they can bounce back and beat the Saints.



Aaron Rodger– Aaron is unstoppable right now. The Packers have gone 5-1 and have looked like Super Bowl Contenders… I didn’t even have them making the playoffs, what was I thinking!


Ben Roethlisberger-Ben threw 5 Interceptions against the Jaguars along with 0 Touchdowns. This was probably one of the worst games in his whole career. He’ll have to step up if wants to prove he can still start.









Joel Embiid Signs 148 Million Dollar Contract, After Playing Only 31 Games

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You know your good when you get 148 million dollars after playing only 31 games. That was the case for 76ers center, Joel Embiid.

Embiid would’ve most likely been rookie of the year if it wasn’t for his injury after just playing 31 games in his NBA Career, but that didn’t stop the 76ers from offering him to a huge contract.


Joel signed a 148 Million Dollar contract throughout 5 years going into his second season.

Joel is a great player, In fact, he makes me have a good feeling about the 76ers making the playoffs, I never thought I’d say that… but besides that, Joel averaged 20 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks throughout his 31 games.

Related image

This contract is a gamble for the 76ers. If Joel can stay healthy(which is questionable) the contract will for sure be worth it, but if he cant stay healthy, the 76ers will definitely be regretting this contract.

Comment below what you think about his contract


The Giants Season Just Got Worse

Its week 6 and the Giants are still winless and things just got worse when the Giants announced OBJ will be out for the remainder of the season. The 3-time pro bowler will undergo season-ending surgery on his left ankle.

Image result for odell injury

But Odell was not the only one hurt, Bradon Marshall and Sterling Sheppard( The other 2 starting WRs) Also got hurt in their loss against the chargers. Brandon Marshall is also out for the remainder of the season. This is  Eli Mannings worst start to a season in his career and with Odell Beckham gone, things won’t get better. “Everyone is disappointed; I’m aware of it. Everyone is irritated; I’m aware of it,” said  Giants coach, Ben McAdoo on his team losing.

Image result for brandon marshall injury

This is definitely  Eli Mannings worst start to a season in his career and with Odell Beckham gone, things won’t get better. “Everyone is disappointed; I’m aware of it. Everyone is irritated; I’m aware of it,” said  Giants coach, Ben McAdoo on his team losing.


“Everyone is disappointed; I’m aware of it. Everyone is irritated; I’m aware of it,” said  Giants coach, Ben McAdoo on his team losing.

But Injuries and losing are not the only things the Giants have problems with.

Giants CB, Janoris Jenkins, left 40 second before the game was over in Sunday’s loss due to the anger of them losing. McAdoo said he would “Deal with the situation.”

Image result for janoris jenkins

Eli Apple also addressed in an interview, he was not happy with him not starting in Sunday’s loss.

McAdoo is currently fighting for his job. Comment below what you think of everything that’s happening with the giants.



Michael’s Week 6 NFL Top 10 Teams

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (5-0) The Chiefs have had an amazing year so far and I won’t be shocked if they can keep this up.
  2. Green Bay Packers (4-1) It seems like Aaron Rodgers can do anything.
  3. Philadelphia Eagles (4-1) The Eagles have Started off 4-1 with their only loss coming to the only remaining undefeated team. They have been looking pretty good but they do have a big test against Carolina this week.
  4. Atlanta Falcons (3-1) The Falcon had a bye week last week but have been looking pretty decent.
  5. Carolina Panthers (4-1)  Cam Newton and the Panthers looked great against the Lions last week. If  Cam Newton can keep this up, the Panthers will have a very successful season.
  6. Detroit Lions (3-2) I put the Lions this high because I’m  a Lions fan, but in reality, they should probably be ranked 8 or 9.
  7. New England Patriots(3-2) Can Tom Brady stop being good!  ( I am not a big fan of the Pats)
  8.  Denver Broncos (3-1) The Broncos had a bye week last week. They face the Giants this week which will most likely be a breeze.
  9. Buffalo Bills (3-2) The Bills were looking pretty good but fell a few spots back after losing last week.
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) Although the Steelers got destroyed, They are still a pretty good team.

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Its Been A While, But MSU Is Back

Climbing Back Into The Rankings

Michigan State beat Jim Harbaugh and Michigan to get back in the rankings (AP) after not being in them for about a year. Michigan State is 4-1 heading into week 5 with their only loss coming to 16 ranked Notre Dame.



MSU Struggled last year, going 1-7 after week 2, and failed to make a bowl game after making it the previous few years. last year was a fail, and as an MSU fan, I like to call last year the “In between year.” The “In-Between Year” is the year in between a series of successful years where Michigan State has a bad year, for example, the year in between Brian Hoyer and Kirk Cousins, or the year in between Kirk cousins  and Connor Cooks, those have always been not so good years when we have not had successful QBs.

Can MSU Keep It This Way?

Michigan State has to face two more top 10 teams ( Ohio State and Penn State) in back to back weeks and unless they can somehow beat one of those teams, they will most likely get knocked out of the Rankings. But it is not all about the ranked teams… It’s  also about simply beating all their other matchups if they want to get to the BIG Ten Championship. They probably win make it to the BIG Ten Championship, but I think they can finish the season with a record of either 8-4 or 9-3.

Interview With Lions RB Ameer Abdullah, Fun Facts About Ameer!

After Lions running back, Ameer Abdullah’s great game on Sunday , I have decided to share and interview I did with him during the offseason. I would like to thank Ameer for doing that!

Q: Who was your favorite NFL Player growing up?

A: Warrick Dunn

Q: What Is your favorite football memory?

A: Mcnesse State run at Nebraska

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of football?

A: Playing guitar

Those were the three questions I asked him… Thanks For Reading!