NFL Winners And Losers From week 5

Alot happened in NFL Week 5, but here are the winners and loser.


Cam Newton– Besides the comment he made, Cam Newton played like his 2015 self against the Lions. The Panther have had only one loss going into week 6 but have to face the 4-1 Eagles.


The Giants and Odell Beckham Jr– Sorry Giants Fans and OBJ Fantasy owners. Giants Fans, I know what it’s like, I’m a Lions fan,  it sucks to have an 0-5 team. And OBJ fantasy owner, I am sorry for your loss.



Nelson Agholor– Lucky for me I decided to pick up Nelson Agholor for my fantasy team this week, Nelson had an amazing game, scoring 15 fantasy points! But the questions is can he keep this up…


The Lions- It was close, but My Lions lost. Hopefully, they can bounce back and beat the Saints.



Aaron Rodger– Aaron is unstoppable right now. The Packers have gone 5-1 and have looked like Super Bowl Contenders… I didn’t even have them making the playoffs, what was I thinking!


Ben Roethlisberger-Ben threw 5 Interceptions against the Jaguars along with 0 Touchdowns. This was probably one of the worst games in his whole career. He’ll have to step up if wants to prove he can still start.









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