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Kyrie Wants Out Of Cleveland…..

The Cavs have quickly been in the news this offseason as the Cavs sign Derrick Rose, But most importantly Kyrie wants out of Cleveland. In many peoples Opinions, Kyrie was the Cavs second best player behind “King James” and The Cavs might need some help getting to the finals for the 4th straight year.

They have already picked up one player coming from the New York Knicks, G Derrick Rose to possibly take Kyries Spot

How do you think The Cavs Will Play Without Kyrie?

OKC Gaurd, Westbrook Wins MVP

OKC Gaurd, Russel westbrook has won the NBA Kia most valuable player award. Russel was competing with James Harden and Kawhi Leonard for the award but in my opinion I think Westbrook was the only player that deserved it after averaging a triple- double.

Westbrook  beat out Harden by a big amount as Westbrook had 69 first place votes compared to Harden 22 votes. Do you think Westbrook deserves the award?

The 76ers Select…. Markelle Fultz!

The Phillidelphia 76ers have selected Markelle Fultz as the number on pick in the NBA draft.

The 76ers traded up with Boston to get the number one pick in the NBA Draft. Fultz player guard at Washington and here’s what he said after being picked “When I heard my name called … it was like God calling me,”  Fultz will be chasing the rookie of the Year award with the 76ers after finishing as one of the best College players and has lots of NBA potential.

Cavs Survive Game 4, Warriors Lead Series 3-1 

After a great performance by Kyrie Irving and a triple double by Lebron, The Cavs survive game 4 to stay in the series! The Cavaliers dominated throughout the game as the Warriors couldn’t keep up after dominating the first three games.

This most likely wont happen, but I am hoping the Cavs will somehow comeback and win the series, I would be amazed, especially against a super team! My predictions are a little different. I believe the Warriors will finish the series by winning game 5.

What Does A Finals Loss Mean For Lebron?

Lebron James is one of the greatest players off all time, but is he the greatest? How much will this championship effect his legacy? 

The Cavs are down 2-0 in the finals and this could possibly effect his legacy, but here is what I think. He will never be the best of all time! Although I was to young to ever watch Jordan play, I think Jordan will always be the best.

Can The Celtics Please Win This Series?!

The Celtics are down 1-2 against the Cavs in the conference finals and I really want them to win.

Here’s why, I am tired of the Cleveland and Golden State winning, can we please get another team? Now that the Warriors won our only chance is the Celtics to win.

Sorry for the really short post, but I didn’t have much time. Comment below who you want to win!

How To Start A Sports Blog….For FREE!

 How To Start A Sports Blog FOR FREE!

Everybody loves free but sometimes its not to easy too find it especially when it comes to Blogs and website. So today I am going to show you how to make a sports blog completely FREE!

1 Find A Sports Topic
It could be all sports (like I do) or just one team, so whatever it is, think about what you’re going to do and commit to it.

Sports blog topic ideas:

  • A sports team
  • One specific sport
  • One city
  • All sports

      2. Choose A Host 
For a completely free host go to and make an account by selecting Get Started.

You have to select a few options for your blog

       3. Picking A Theme
Once you get to this point, its time to pick a theme. Picking a theme can be difficult, but remember, you can always change your theme and select from more! For this website, im gonna be starting off with the theme Franklin, a theme i’ve never I used before.

       4. Picking a Plan
Like I said, this is completely free, so pick the free plan. If you want to upgrade later, you can.

       6.Making a Site Address
Make a unique site address that has to do with sports. Make it creative!

Select the Free site

      7. Start Writing!
It’s time to start writing!

Here’s An Overview on how to start a sports blog :

  • Find your topic 
  • Go to
  • Select a theme
  • Pick the free plan
  • Make your site address for your blog
  • Start Writing

Celtics win NBA Draft Lottery

The Celtics have won the number 1 draft pick for this years NBA Draft, and will most likely choose between Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz. Following the Celtics in the Draft is The Lakers along with the 76ers.

Everything seems like its going great for the Celtics, Doing well in the playoffs, and it can really get any better as they earn the 1st overall pick in this year NBA Draft.

The Celtics acquired this pick from a trade they made about 4 years ago that sent Pierce and Garnett to the Nets. The Celtics might be considering trades. Their are some rumors that they are going to possibly go after Indiana star, Paul George or possibly Jimmy Butler from the Bulls. Who do you think the Celtics will draft?