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NFL NFC Record Predictions

1 Green Bay 12-4

Aaron Rodgers has a great group a players to throw to and after finishing strong in the regular season last year, they hope to bring that to this upcoming season.

2 Detroit Lions 10-6

Jim Caldwell has led the Lions to a winning season in two of his three season and Matt Stafford had his best year of his career last year, I believe that will come to effect this year and they can possibly win a playoff game.

3 Minnesota Vikings 7-9

After starting 5-0 last year the Vikings looked like a championship team and i actually has hope in them (until they fell apart) but this year I dont have to much hope in them.

4 Chicago Bears 2-14

Last and my least favorite team…. The Chicago Bears! Yes I said it, as a Lions fan, I am not a big fan of Chicago, and have put them at the bottom of my list, like everybody else has done.

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-5

Yes, I am putting them a little high but I think this young team has lots of potential. Winston just needs to stop throwing those interceptions!

Atlanta Falcons 10-6

The 2016-17 champions, The Atlanta Falcons! I see the Falcons making the playoffs as a wild card but definitely not a Super Bowl Contender. I also think Matt Ryan will have a pretty good year.

Carolina Panthers 8-8

If Cam plays well, the Panthers play well and with the Panthers picking up McCaffrey, I believe they will improve from last year.

New Orleans Saints 6-10

After three consecutive losing season, I dont think the Saints will improve, even with Adrian Petterson.

Do The Redskins Really Run The NFC East?

After the Washington Redskins beat the Eagles on sunday 27-20, Redskins defensive  end,  Ricky Jean Francois yelled “We run the east! Not Philly, not Dallas, we run the east!” The Cowboys lead the east, and the NFC East is looking very competitive, with every team with at least a .500 record. But who really does run the east?

With the Cowboys rookie duo, they are a top team in the league and Dez Bryant is not  even playing yet.  It will be tough for the Redskins and Eagles to beat the Cowboys but we are only 6 games through the season and things could change a lot, and things already have. The Eagles started off 4-0, now there 4-2, the Redskins started off 0-2, now there 4-2. We have alot more too see from these teams and it looks like it will be a great year.