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Curry, Durant Ejected Late In Game Against Grizzlies

Warriors guard, Stephen Curry, and Warriors forward, Kevin Durant were both ejected late in Saturday nights game against Memphis.

The 2 time MVP, Stephen Curry was ejected for throwing his mouth Gaurd after he took some contact and there was no call. The ref assumed he was throwing his mouth guard at him so he ejected Curry right away. Durant quickly went to the ref and said some words before getting ejected.

When Curry was asked about the incident, Curry was quick to answer to ESPN with “I didn’t throw my mouthpiece at the ref, I got better aim than that. I threw it out of frustration.”

Curry finished the game with 37 points and tweeted after the game about the incident:

Warriors 19-1 Run Leads Them To Win Game 3

No Steve Kerr, No Kevin Durant , No Shaun Livingston AND no Matt Barnes. But The Warriors still find ways to win, including a 19-1 run to comeback to  beat Portland on Saturday night. The Warriors won the game 119-113 and were down by 16 in the third quarter! The Warriors lead the series 3-0 and will play in game 4 against the TrailBlazers on  Monday.