Pre Season Red Wings Game

Tonight I am at the Red Wings game and it will be a rematch of the Winter Classic two years ago against the Maple Leafs. I will write about the game and post after the game. So lets get in to gameplay!

1st Period
The Red Wings have a 2-0 lead and are playing very tough as there were multiple fights and 3 penalties by the Toronto Maple Leafs including a power play goal by Dylan Larkin. If the Wings can keep this up, they will have no problem winning the game.

2nd Period

The Red Wings now have a 3-1 lead with Smith scoring with less than a minuets left for the Wings in the 2nd period. Red Wings goalie, Peter Mrazek played great period than the one goal he allowed.

3rd Period

The Maple Leafs scored with less than a minute into the 3rd to make the score 3-3. The game looked like it would go into overtime until the Wings scored to take the lead and keep it untill the end of the game to take the 4-3 win.

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