Start ‘Em QB/RB

Start ‘Em

Running Backs

Matt Jones

Matt Jones played amazing on sunday’s game against Oakland, Jones had 1 Touchdown and 135 rushing yards. He has struggled in the past but will most likely get it done for week 7.

Lamar Miller

Miller has continued to impress us just as expected. With a mix of receiving and running he will be a great start for your team.

Jonathan Stewart

You probably were happy if you started Stewart last week, with an impressive 2 touchdown game. The Panthers are struggling but Stewart has been playing great, so I suggest you start him.


Marcus Mariota

Mariota has gave us plenty of entertainment in his second NFL season and 284 passing yards got the job done last week and I believe he will continue to impress this week with his rushing and passing.

Matt Ryan

With Jones at receiver, Ryan and Jones have been a top duo in the league, and plenty of fantasy points will most likely  come from Matt Ryan to lead your fantasy team this week.

Drew Brees

Drew will give your team plenty of points to win this week, after a four touchdown game last week.

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