CFB Playoff Predictions

CFB Playoff Predictions

  1. Louisville

Lamar Jackson has lead Louisville to a 5-1 record with their only loss being to Clemson. I think this will surprise a lot of people that I have them in my playoff prediction, but with their schedule, I think they can get things done.

How they can make it to the playoffs: They need to win the rest of their games and the ACC championship, and if no other teams play above  their level , they can make it to the CFP

  1. Washington

Washington has not played this well since the 90’s, and they are getting plenty of attention from college football fans. Washington has had a not so hard schedule but has dominated almost every team this year and other than the game against Utah, they have an easy schedule for the rest of the year.

How they can make it to the playoffs: Don’t underestimate teams

  1. Ohio State

If OSU can beat Michigan, they are basically locked in the playoff spot unless they lose which will most likely not happen, as they are dominating every team. The BIG 10 is a tough conference to play in and OSU is not making it seem that way, but they also have a tough schedule ahead of them.

How they can make it to the playoffs: Beat Michigan

1 Alabama

Can Alabama win 2 straight years? The would not be surprise to me. Alabama has played amazing and has not played an easy schedule with Texas A&M coming up on Saturday, who has been playing red hot this year and Bama will have to keep up there good defense to win.

How they can make it to the playoffs: Keep on Rolling.

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