The Cowboys Rookie Duo

As many of us know, 1st round pick, Ezekiel Elliott and 4th round pick Dak Prescott have played tremendously together and have led the Cowboys to a great season. What makes it better, is that both of these players are only rookies just coming out of college and they are looking like this is not new to them by the way they’ve been playing.

Dak Prescott out of Mississippi state came into the season as a backup to Tony Romo until Romo got hurt. At that point rookie Dak Prescott, had to step up and take the starting job at the quarterback position for the cowboys. Cowboys fans first heard of that and were not happy… But now, there thought of him is much different, with 12 touchdown and 2 interceptions to lead the Cowboys to a 7-1 start with Elliott at the running back position.


Running back, Ezekiel Elliott has been dominant all year with 891 yards and 7 touchdowns for the Cowboys. How has he done it? With a great offensive line and his talent, he has been a top running back in the league and a possible Rookie Of The Year winner at the end of the season.

Who do you think is the better player? Let me know in the comments.

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