The MVP Race-My Top 5

1.Matt Ryan QB

With 38 touchdowns this year, Matt Ryan is having his best year he has ever had and has been playing great.

2. Tom Brady

Tom Brady has played crazy good after missing 4 games due to a suspension,but he has one big problem in his way…The suspension.

3. Ezekiel Elliot RB

Coming in to this season as a rookie, Elliot has played like a player who has been in the league for multiple years with plenty of NFL experience. With a great offensive line to help him out, he has played great.

4. Aaron Rodgers QB

Aaron started the season off a little shaky but finished off wining the division and playing great.

5. Derek Carr

Being injured at the end of this season was not a good sign for Derek as he was a top player. Being injured could get in his way of being a MVP candidate.


  1. Happy New Year & how are you doing? How was your holiday break and I hope for a successful school year.


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