Tony Romos Future

Tony Romo has been replaced by Dak Prescott at the quarterback position, and his future ahead of him is unclear. What team will he go to? Tony Romo could stay as a backup at Dallas or get traded by Dallas and start for another team.

Multiple Teams Are Interested In Him

Multiple teams are interested in him, including San Francisco, Denver,Cleveland, Buffalo, and a few other teams. All of those teams are having QB issues and are hoping Tony will  lead there team to a Super Bowl.

Where I Hope He Ends Up

Im hoping he ends up in Buffalo. The Bills are most likely not gonna sign Tyrod Taylor and Tony Romo will be a good quarterback that will match there team.


  1. I’m thinking either the Houston Texans or the Denver Broncos would be a logical place for Romo to end up.

    If Jerry Jones doesn’t want to pay both Dak and Romo, he would have to cut Romo because no team would likely trade for him. Romo then could sign with anyone, and Houston and Denver seem like the teams in need of a QB that are closest to championship level.

    But now that I think about it, Houston has that terrible deal with Osweiler. Denver it is!


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