SportScriptBlog’s Pre-Season College Football Top 5 Teams

College Football is on its way! Here is my top 10 college football top 10 teams:

1.Ohio State University

OSU finished last year  in the playoffs, it took them a lot to get there but they ended up taking a big fat L in the Playoffs.  OSU looks like they are coming in strong and are ready for a fresh start.

2. Alabama

Alabama…. Your’e probably getting tired of hearing that throughout media, but with Nick Saban, it feels like anything is possible


After last years amazing finish, I think they have a big chance at a playoff appearance.

4. Clemson

Clemson finished strong with a championship win and will most likely be a top team with a chance to make the championship game again.

5.  Penn State

Penn State will have a pretty easy time through the year other than two team OSU and U-M.

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  1. This is great! I was just wondering why you didn’t put FSU on there since they were picked very high by almost everyone else. Do you think they might not be as great as everyone thinks they will be?


  2. The only team that you mentioned that I can’t agree with is PSU. I know they get essentially everybody back, but I can’t see them beating tOSU again, or Michigan.

    And it pains me to see you pick tOSU #1! I know they usually just reload, but I can’t see them as strong as Bama, FSU, or USC this year. Maybe that’s my obsessive hatred of the Buckeyes showing through.

    I think U-M is top 10 this season, even with having to replace a lot on defense…


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