Michael Jordan’s Most Iconic Sneakers

3 Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 was the first shoe Jordan wore in his career and every what makes these originals so iconic is that every time Jordan wore them he wad fined 5,000 dollars due to them violating the sneaker colors.

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2 Air Jordan 6

These were the shoes that Michael won his first championship in, and nothing is better than winning your first championship, so I think these deserved a spot on the list.

Air Jordan VI (6) Infrared Package - Releasing June 2010 ...

1 Air Jordan 12

One of my favorite looking Jordan’s and one that will never be forgotten as Michael Jordan played in these in the game known as the “Flu Game.”


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  1. This post is a trip down memory lane for me…

    I had a pair of Air Jordan 4’s in high school – this is while the Pistons were still beating the Bulls like a drum in the playoffs. I loved those shoes!

    But then Jordan started beating the Pistons and then he called the Bad Boys bad for basketball & I haven’t liked him since!

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