And The biggest NFL Draft Bust Goes To….

Ryan Leaf, QB san Diego chargers

Leaf is clearly one of the biggest bust and the biggest one to me

Leaf was drafted second overall behind Peyton Manning by the San Diego Chargers, who traded up to get the spot. He led Washington State to pretty good year as he was 1st in passing yards with 3,900 and finished 3rd in the Heisman race. The NFL was a whole different story.

During his rookie season, Leafs touchdown/interception ratio was 2:15 in 9 starts. I wouldn’t want him on my team. Leaf finished off the season with an injury which didn’t give him any more confidence. In 2000, Leaf was released after four games with a total of 13 touchdowns along with 33 interception in his career.

Leaf played for a couple more teams until he retired, and since then he’s had problems with robbery, drugs and has been in jail. 

One comment

  1. Its a toss up between Leaf and JaMarcus Russell, both came in with a lot of hype and they both fell flat.


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