NFL Week 2, Who To Start: Quarterback Edition

Week one was filled with surprises, and some of them may have cost you a loss in your fantasy football league. So, Here are some quarterbacks you should consider starting.

Who To Start


Alex Smith

Alex Smith surprised me a lot! He showed up ready for the game and dominated on Thursday night football with a 4/0 TD/INT Ratio. Alex smith went undrafted in my fantasy league, so I decided to pick him up.


Matthew Stafford

As we all know, Matt Stafford just got the biggest Contract in the NFL and started the game with a rough start but finished the game with a comeback to beat Carson Palmer and the Cardinals. As a Lions fan i’m pretty impressed.


Tom Brady

I hate to say this, but Brady is most likely to have a pretty good game against the Saints and will bounce back from his loss. Or it could possibly the end of his career, That would make me happy…


Comment below if you agree 🙂




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