Falcons Beat Lions In Crazy Ending

The Falcons beat the Lions today in an action packed game where it ended in with a 10 second runoff but instead of going through everything that happened in the game, lets start off at the fourth quarter  By the way, as a Lions fan I was very very stressed watching this game.

Image result for detroit lions vs falcon

4th Quarter

Order-Beginning- End

The Lions and the falcons are tied up at 23 but Matt Ryan  changes that by throwing a long 40 yard pass for a touchdown. 30-23 Falcons winning

At the lions next scoring possession they got into Atlanta territory but with easily missed passes (Eric Ebron!) they choose to kick for a 57 yard field goal, and made it. Thanks Prater! 30-26 Falcons

Falcons got into our territory but the Lions got a huge break as Darius Slay intercepted  a pass from Matt Ryan. 30-26 Falcons

After 4 possessions including two, three and outs by the Lions, The Lions got the ball back at their 11 yard line and dove the ball down the field after a few penalties and some great throws by Stafford. 8 Seconds left, Lions ball.  Matthew Stafford threw a one yard touchdown to Golden Tate,at this point I was so hyped, talking about how the Lions are gonna win the Superbowl… I was so excited, Until they called it back due to a 10-second runoff. I was so mad as the game ended with a 30-26 Falcons victory

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