Its Been A While, But MSU Is Back

Climbing Back Into The Rankings

Michigan State beat Jim Harbaugh and Michigan to get back in the rankings (AP) after not being in them for about a year. Michigan State is 4-1 heading into week 5 with their only loss coming to 16 ranked Notre Dame.



MSU Struggled last year, going 1-7 after week 2, and failed to make a bowl game after making it the previous few years. last year was a fail, and as an MSU fan, I like to call last year the “In between year.” The “In-Between Year” is the year in between a series of successful years where Michigan State has a bad year, for example, the year in between Brian Hoyer and Kirk Cousins, or the year in between Kirk cousins  and Connor Cooks, those have always been not so good years when we have not had successful QBs.

Can MSU Keep It This Way?

Michigan State has to face two more top 10 teams ( Ohio State and Penn State) in back to back weeks and unless they can somehow beat one of those teams, they will most likely get knocked out of the Rankings. But it is not all about the ranked teams… It’s  also about simply beating all their other matchups if they want to get to the BIG Ten Championship. They probably win make it to the BIG Ten Championship, but I think they can finish the season with a record of either 8-4 or 9-3.

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