The Michigan- Michigan State Rivalry, Why I Hate It

“Do I respect John Beilein? Tremendously, Do I Respect Michigan? Tremendously, Do I like them? Not one bit. I don’t like anything about Michigan and they don’t like anything about us.” Tom Izzo when asked about Michigan Basketball.

Tom Izzo says no one asked Michigan State to flip games with Michigan

If you didn’t know, MSU and U-M are in state rivals and as a big MSU fan, I HATE it! It Might not seem like a big rivalry, but if you’re a middle school kid who lives in Michigan, it seems like the worst and biggest rivalry ever with all the kids arguing about whos better.

Michigan State Football: Impressive effort shown vs. Michigan

But Why Do I Hate It?

I hate it because of all the bragging I hear from those U-M Fans. Sorry To All The Michigan Fans That Read This,( Not All U-M Fans Are Like This) But I Cant Stand Michigan Fans and their bragging! Half of the Michigan fans are Walmart Michigan fans anyway. Can we stop this rivalry please. Can I stop hearing about all the championships you guys had. I probably sound Like an irritating kid after writing this article, but whatever.


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