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Can The Packer Still Win The NFC North Without Rodgers?

  The Packers announced Aaron Rodgers could possibly be out the rest of the season

In Sunday’s game against the Vikings, Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken right collarbone.

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Rodgers was replaced by Brett Hundley, who couldn’t finish the game, as the Packers lost 23-10.

The Packers are one of the best teams in the NFL and coming to week 6 the packers were in my top 5 in NFL  power rankings.  The Packers will have to rely more on running and hand the ball more to running back, Ty Montgomery who hasn’t also dealt with injuries throughout this season.  Aaron Rodgers has been pretty durable throughout his career, with Only one major injury in 2013 when he also had a collarbone injury.


Can The Packer Still Win The NFC North Without Rodgers?

Yes… but with the NFC North being kind of a tough division, they may want to consider signing another quarterback, as they have much of a less chance of winning the division without their star QB.

The Packers could sign Colin Kaepernick to fill their QB needs for the rest of the season but they may not due to the anthem protest. Comment Below about what you think the Packers should do!

Joel Embiid Signs 148 Million Dollar Contract, After Playing Only 31 Games

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You know your good when you get 148 million dollars after playing only 31 games. That was the case for 76ers center, Joel Embiid.

Embiid would’ve most likely been rookie of the year if it wasn’t for his injury after just playing 31 games in his NBA Career, but that didn’t stop the 76ers from offering him to a huge contract.


Joel signed a 148 Million Dollar contract throughout 5 years going into his second season.

Joel is a great player, In fact, he makes me have a good feeling about the 76ers making the playoffs, I never thought I’d say that… but besides that, Joel averaged 20 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks throughout his 31 games.

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This contract is a gamble for the 76ers. If Joel can stay healthy(which is questionable) the contract will for sure be worth it, but if he cant stay healthy, the 76ers will definitely be regretting this contract.

Comment below what you think about his contract


Celtics win NBA Draft Lottery

The Celtics have won the number 1 draft pick for this years NBA Draft, and will most likely choose between Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz. Following the Celtics in the Draft is The Lakers along with the 76ers.

Everything seems like its going great for the Celtics, Doing well in the playoffs, and it can really get any better as they earn the 1st overall pick in this year NBA Draft.

The Celtics acquired this pick from a trade they made about 4 years ago that sent Pierce and Garnett to the Nets. The Celtics might be considering trades. Their are some rumors that they are going to possibly go after Indiana star, Paul George or possibly Jimmy Butler from the Bulls. Who do you think the Celtics will draft?


The Michigan- Michigan State Rivalry, Why I Hate It

“Do I respect John Beilein? Tremendously, Do I Respect Michigan? Tremendously, Do I like them? Not one bit. I don’t like anything about Michigan and they don’t like anything about us.” Tom Izzo when asked about Michigan Basketball.

Tom Izzo says no one asked Michigan State to flip games with Michigan

If you didn’t know, MSU and U-M are in state rivals and as a big MSU fan, I HATE it! It Might not seem like a big rivalry, but if you’re a middle school kid who lives in Michigan, it seems like the worst and biggest rivalry ever with all the kids arguing about whos better.

Michigan State Football: Impressive effort shown vs. Michigan

But Why Do I Hate It?

I hate it because of all the bragging I hear from those U-M Fans. Sorry To All The Michigan Fans That Read This,( Not All U-M Fans Are Like This) But I Cant Stand Michigan Fans and their bragging! Half of the Michigan fans are Walmart Michigan fans anyway. Can we stop this rivalry please. Can I stop hearing about all the championships you guys had. I probably sound Like an irritating kid after writing this article, but whatever.


Thanks for reading this article! Don’t forget to comment, like and Subscribe to my Email List on the sidebar of this post! What do you thin about this rivalry?

NFL NFC Record Predictions

1 Green Bay 12-4

Aaron Rodgers has a great group a players to throw to and after finishing strong in the regular season last year, they hope to bring that to this upcoming season.

2 Detroit Lions 10-6

Jim Caldwell has led the Lions to a winning season in two of his three season and Matt Stafford had his best year of his career last year, I believe that will come to effect this year and they can possibly win a playoff game.

3 Minnesota Vikings 7-9

After starting 5-0 last year the Vikings looked like a championship team and i actually has hope in them (until they fell apart) but this year I dont have to much hope in them.

4 Chicago Bears 2-14

Last and my least favorite team…. The Chicago Bears! Yes I said it, as a Lions fan, I am not a big fan of Chicago, and have put them at the bottom of my list, like everybody else has done.

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-5

Yes, I am putting them a little high but I think this young team has lots of potential. Winston just needs to stop throwing those interceptions!

Atlanta Falcons 10-6

The 2016-17 champions, The Atlanta Falcons! I see the Falcons making the playoffs as a wild card but definitely not a Super Bowl Contender. I also think Matt Ryan will have a pretty good year.

Carolina Panthers 8-8

If Cam plays well, the Panthers play well and with the Panthers picking up McCaffrey, I believe they will improve from last year.

New Orleans Saints 6-10

After three consecutive losing season, I dont think the Saints will improve, even with Adrian Petterson.

1st Round NFL Draft Picks


1 1 1 Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett DE Texas A&M
1 2 2 Chicago Bears Mitchell Trubisky QB North Carolina
1 3 3 San Francisco 49ers Solomon Thomas DE Stanford
1 4 4 Jacksonville Jaguars Leonard Fournette RB LSU
1 5 5 Tennessee Titans Corey Davis WR Western Michigan
1 6 6 New York Jets Jamal Adams S LSU
1 7 7 Los Angeles Chargers Mike Williams WR Clemson
1 8 8 Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
1 9 9 Cincinnati Bengals John Ross WR Washington
1 10 10 Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech
1 11 11 New Orleans Saints Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State
1 12 12 Houston Texans Deshaun Watson QB Clemson
1 13 13 Arizona Cardinals Haason Reddick LB Temple
1 14 14 Philadelphia Eagles Derek Barnett DE Tennessee
1 15 15 Indianapolis Colts Malik Hooker S Ohio State
1 16 16 Baltimore Ravens Marlon Humphrey CB Alabama
1 17 17 Washington Jonathan Allen DL Alabama
1 18 18 Tennessee Titans Adoree’ Jackson CB Southern California
1 19 19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers O.J. Howard TE Alabama
1 20 20 Denver Broncos Garett Bolles OT Utah
1 21 21 Detroit Lions Jarrad Davis LB Florida
1 22 22 Miami Dolphins Charles Harris DE/OLB Missouri
1 23 23 New York Giants Evan Engram TE Mississippi
1 24 24 Oakland Raiders Gareon Conley CB Ohio State
1 25 25 Cleveland Browns Jabrill Peppers S Michigan
1 26 26 Atlanta Falcons Takkarist McKinley OLB UCLA
1 27 27 Buffalo Bills Tre’Davious White CB LSU
1 28 28 Dallas Cowboys Taco Charlton DE Michigan
1 29 29 Cleveland Browns David Njoku TE Miami
1 30 30 Pittsburgh Steelers T.J. Watt OLB Wisconsin
1 31 31 San Francisco 49ers Reuben Foster MLB Alabama
1 32 32 New Orleans Saints Ryan Ramczyk OT Wisconsin

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