Top 10 NFL Teams- Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

1- Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have been one of the top teams the past few weeks and after beating the Panthers, they look like the top spot to me.

2- Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs took their first loss against the Steelers this past week but I believe they will bounce back this week.

3- Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have been a little inconsistent this year, but after they beat the number one offense in the NFL, I think they deserve to be at least a top 5 team.

4- Carolina Panthers

The Panthers stayed close to the Eagles but couldn’t beat them as Cam Newton Struggled with his passing.

5-Minnesota Vikings

This may be a little high for Minnesota, but although they beat the Packers without Rodgers, the Vikings still played pretty well.

6- New England Patriots

The Patriots beat the Jets, who have been better than everybody thought, in a very close game. Tom Brady lead them to a 24-17 win to make them 4-2.

7- Los Angeles Rams

The Rams may be serious in their new city, as they have gone 4-2. At first, I doubted them but now I have some confidence them.

8-Green Bay Packers

The Packers chances to make the playoffs have gone down as they lost starting QB, Aaron Rodgers due to an Injury. The Packers are now in the hands of Brett Hundley.

9- Seattle Seahawks


10-New Orleans Saints

The Saints beat my Lions in a pretty high scoring game. They Scored 52 points but almost allowed a Lions comeback. I’m not sure if the Saints are actually “good” yet but well see after this weeks game.

Comment what you think about my Power Rankings!

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